Fragile Things – A Short Story Collection by Neil Gaiman

fragile thingsIn this collection of short stories and fictions, some have been published previously, as well as some haven’t been published at all.  I have to say these are just great if you are a fan of speculative fiction, or are new to the genre.  Even with the cover art, and the imagination that Neil possesses, is something that is nothing short of fantastic.

The stories that are in this collection,  just plain right out there with his concoctions which he weaves together that makes you want to read more to see what comes next, whether it is a story itself or the poetry, of one of his full length novels.

Combining the real and the imaginary, Neil accomplishes this in more ways then one, regardless of the word count. There are approximately 50 stories in this collection, so it is a great way to get a feel for his work, to be able to graduate to one of his longer pieces of work.

Expertly written to keep you guessing even after the story is finished, it will or at least it did me want to read more.  At times it was deeply dark, thought provoking, and strangely philosophical at the same time will leave you thinking what if, or could it actually happen?.

I will definitely have to check out more of his work, it is sure these stories will have you looking around the corner before you actually turn the corner while walking down the street late at night,  difficult to see in the dim light being cast from the streetlights.  All of these thoughts going through your mind, or if you are drifting off to sleep, when you hear a noise in the background…..

This is the THIRD book I have read for the HarperCollins Summer is Short, Read A Story Challenge

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