Guardian of Lies – Steve Martini

guardian of liesPaul Madrini doesn’t know it yet, but he is going to be fighting the fight of his life – outside the courtroom.

After meeting a young Costa Rican woman at the market, who he befriends he thinks nothing of it until he receives a phone call, but doesn’t remember her name after she is arrested for murder.  Until he sees her face.

In this latest installment of Steve Martini’s character Paul Madrini, thinking it is one of those run of the mill murder cases (but then again I don’t think Paul knows run of the mill murder cases), he goes ahead and takes her case, and finds out more then he ever imagined – it involves not only murder, but the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the last name which is associated with a Russian extremist that hasn’t been seen since the late 1960’s.

As he investigates further, he and his team find themselves delving deeper and deeper into a plan that was concocted back thirty years ago which also involves a nuclear bomb, thousands of lives are at stake, if they only knew where they were and where the bomb was.

I have read Steve Martini’s work for years now and for me, it doesn’t get old.  Along with the action, the clues, and the questions posed come along at a breakneck pace that will have you reading without any sense of time going by trying to find out the answers to the questions they ask themselves as the storyline develops.  Paul Madrini is not only a master in the courtroom, he is also a master outside of it along with the team he has compiled to complete the investigations and come to a conclusion.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I have a feeling that Paul Madrini will be doing things differently in the future….

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