Wife of the Gods – Kwei Quartey

wife of the godsSet in Ghana, Detective Inspector Dawson is investigating the murder of a woman who was going to medical school and volunteering at a clinic, but the information is more speculation then actual fact.

From the start, Dawson has a familial connection to the small town that he is going to investigate.  It is the town where his mother disappeared  some years ago while traveling  home from visiting her sister and husband after the birth of their child, who was never seen or heard from again.

Then there are the people that have been not so forthcoming in what they know, the young man that has been accused of murder, who swears up and down that he didn’t do it.  Although, all of the evidence points to this young man, Dawson isn’t so sure, and keeps digging for more clues.  The local police are getting in the way of his investigation, so Dawson must separate truth from reality by sifting through all of the information, albeit, received in some not so legal meaand end up getting kicked off the investigation for trying to find the right killer.

There is also the issue of Dawson’s mother who mysteriously vanished from the same town while attempting to make her way back to their home in the city.  As he talks to his aunt and uncle, it becomes clear after a time that some things aren’t exactly as they seem or had seemed all that time ago.  He is determined to solve both cases by the time that he leaves to go back to the city, even if it kills him.

This book is set against the backdrop of the country of Africa, and with all of the good and bad that the country has seen and experienced in recent decades.  Customs that we are not normally accustomed to, give it an authentic yet mysterious and exciting place to be able to visit sometime in the future. I know I would.

I really enjoyed this book, touted as another No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, this one is more grittier and more masculine.  I think it was unfair of whomever labelled it as this, since it is totally different in its scope.  Yes, it is a mystery/detective story, it is set in Africa, but the plots and characters are so much different and unique.

I enjoyed that it was well written, and the family aspect of the storyline flowed somewhat throughout the book.  I am wondering if that part of the story will be continued in the next installment of the series since this is book is labeled as book 1 as part of a series, and he is currently working on his next novel.

I look forward to more of this authors work in the future.  Great first effort.

Random House

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4 thoughts on “Wife of the Gods – Kwei Quartey

  1. It’s very interesting that you say it’s not that much like The Ladies #1 Detective Agency. I saw someone else say that and from what I can tell, the only similarity is it’s set in Africa and it’s a mystery. Doesn’t seem like enough similarities to say if you liked this, then you’ll like that.

    Okay, enough ranting. Just wanted to thank you for your very thoughtful review. 🙂

    • That is the only similarity that I can see as well, that they are both set in Africa. Both are great series / books. And TY and you are very welcome!

    • No, I agree with you completely. Alexander McCall Smith’s books are more light whereas this one is a bit more dark in content. I have no idea why they would say that either.

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