New Tricks – Andy Rosenfelt

new tricksAndy Carpenter is a lawyer whose latest claim to fame is representing dogs in legal battles and winning them.

Today, however, he is requested in the chambers of a judge who isn’t really known for being easy going, and aren’t really fond of one another.  But he has requested Andy there for another custody case… of a dog.  His owner a world renowned businessman and research professional was brutally murdered a week ago, and as far as the custody case is concerned, it is between his wife and his son, who are at odds with one another.

Trouble is when Andy goes to retrieve the dog from the owner’s former mansion, he is in the parking lot, the son has left, and all of a sudden the whole mansion (which is huge) blows up and kills the wife. Questions are being asked, and the son is indicted for murder for his past experience with making bombs and disarming them in the military, and the closeness to the house and his father when he was murdered the week before.

In this novel, I knew from the cover it was a mystery, but also a fun and somewhat not as serious one.  Although, all murder mysteries are serious in their scope, this one had a softer side to it.  David had combined the softer side of dog lovers; the striving for the truth in what actually happened to the people being murdered all because of a dog was in my opinion quite refreshing.

It was part murder mystery, part love story, part animal lover, revenge, and redemption all rolled into one.  I have to admit nearing the end of the novel, I was almost sure that the scenario that was going on wasn’t the one that I was imagining in my mind while I was reading.  There were a few scenarios that were running through my imagination and thoughts as the story was completing, and I was somewhat disappointed at myself that none of the ones I thought of were used! LOL

I liked the pace and the premise of the story, as well as the depth and characters of it.  There was a fine balance of everything.  If you are not a fan of really strong mysteries that have you scared beyond what you are capable of, I would heartily recommend this one.


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