The Atlantis Revelation – Thomas Greanias

atlantis revelationThe Atlantis Revelation is the third instalment of the Atlantis series.

Conrad Yeates is an Astro Archaeologist ( a mix of astrology and archaeology) who in previous novels came across a pair of globes.  He knew that they had some sort of significance, but it isn’t until he comes across something else that will cause a global Armageddon.  He had found it in the deep dark seas off the coast of Greece in a sunken Nazi submarine, where he was knocked unconscious, and left for dead after the attackers had cut his oxygen line.

The ancient conspiracy reaches the highest levels of governments and some secret organizations  who want to start a global war which would re start a forgotten empire, but it needs to gather the globes and the object that was taken from Conrad to accomplish its goal.

This book / series reminded me of similar ones that are presently being written by James Rollins and Dan Brown, with a different twist – the astrology and archaeology aspect.  And with these two very different topics, it was sure and is a different spin for those of you that are interested in these topics.

I liked this book, there was enough action, intrigue, history as well as little known facts about different worldwide places of interest strewn about that gives you a sort of passport and be able to enter the any country and follow along with the action and the ultimate conclusion.

The other 2 novels in the series are Raising Atlantis and The Atlantis Prophecy

Simon and Schuster

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