The Day The Falls Stood Still – Cathy M. Buchanan

day the falls stood stillI am simply speechless.

Bess and her older sister Isabel have lived the privileged life.  Her father is the head of the Hydro Electric Commission; they have a large house with servants and go to a private catholic school.  During Bess’ junior year, her father is let go from his job, the servants are let go.  The last day of school is usually when they have a concert and tea, her mother and father come to pick her up, but it is just her mother making polite apologies.  She then finds out later through her friend Kit that her father was fired from his job, and Isabel’s fiancée has broken off the engagement.  So when she returns home on the electric trolley she wonders what she will go back to.  It is on this trolley ride, that she meets Tom who assists her mother with her trunk.  She is smitten right away.  She wonders if she will ever see him again.

When she arrives home, she finds a lot has changed.  Her father is nowhere to be seen, nowadays he can be found at the local hotel.  Her mother has gone back to dressmaking to keep the house afloat, and her sister isn’t well.  She finds her sister who was once so full of life and vigour, withdrawn and depressed, and losing weight at an alarming pace.

Dealt with all of these changes so suddenly, she wonders if she will ever see Tom again.  There was some sort of connection when his deep green eyes met hers as he was helping with her trunk.  She cannot get him out of her mind.

With the story situated in the early 1900’s there has the certain acknowledgements and customs to be looked upon.  Her mother thinks it isn’t right that she wants to associate with a lower class as herself.  Bess doesn’t see it that way.

The elegance of her life may be gone from the home situated not far from the awe inspiring falls, but it takes on a different perspective for her as time goes on.  In Tom’s eyes it is something magical, where he can almost hear the river and the falls talking to him, he feels it.  For Bess, it will take on the opposite as time wanes to one of disaster, where many secrets are unfolded and love blooms.

From the page of the dedication, I was on the verge of tears.  From the first page to the last, I was enthralled, the way she has woven the story and all of its contents so flawlessly and effortlessly as is breathtaking as the falls themselves.  I myself have been born and raised in the region as has Cathy, and have some if not all of the tales about people going over the falls on barrels, or plummeting to their deaths because of the desperate circumstances they are in.  The falls hold many other tales of happiness and joy as well.

The constant ebbing and flowing of the novel is like that of the Niagara River, going faster and slower synonymous as is the strong current. Rushing hard trying to bring whatever it is in its grasp over the falls, until barely being saved and pulled from its emerald green hold, out of the mist or over the edge into the pool hundreds of feet below as it is taken by the never relenting current never to be seen from again.

I have to say, being from the area, the falls have always given me some inspiration, hope, and happiness that I am able to take whatever it is I need from it, and gain something from it.

I will be posting a Q and A as well with Cathy I had done with her, and if you enjyed the book, you will not be disappointed with the Q and A.  I will be posting it in the 18th of September as part of a book blogging tour.



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13 thoughts on “The Day The Falls Stood Still – Cathy M. Buchanan

  1. TY. I will be going to one or two of her author events here in the Niagara area in the near future, so I will definitely post about it and whatever pictures that I get from them. Stay tuned !

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