Alibi – Teri Woods

alibiDaisy cannot believe what has happened to her.  She is broke all the time, lives with her mother in a dumpy apartment.  She earns money by stripping and being a bar maid in a strip club and desperately needs to sort out her life.

Two men are staking out an apartment building, waiting patiently to be able to break and enter to take the drugs and money they are watching.  Then,  they think if they aren’t caught, they will be home free to be able to start their own illegal drug selling operation,  be in contention with the people they are stealing the drugs from.  Something goes wrong; one of the men is killed along with 2 of the men that are guarding the drugs and money from being stolen.

The man who eventually gets away alive contacts Sticks, a contact he knows to see if he can get him an alibi, since he was spotted by a mother and her son when he was running away from the building.  So,  Sticks calls Daisy and tells her that for two thousand dollars that all she needs to do is give the guy an alibi, so she gives them an alibi,  she has the money no problem.  This is where the problem for them all happens.

Trying to overcome what already plagues her, Daisy is desperate to be able to start a new life for her to make her life better.  She is sick of the life she has lived, and wants to turn over a new leaf to start fresh in a new city or town and make an honest start of things.

Based in Philadelphia, this is a grittier and profane account of a thriller, so be forewarned, there is profanity in the book, along with the details of the incidents that happen.

I liked the grittier type of thriller that this storyline gave, as well as the character storyline and where it was set.  Everything sounded and felt authentic.

Hachette – Grand Central

Listen to an excerpt


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