Daughter of Kura – Debra Austin

daughter of kuraWhen I first received this book, I wasn’t really quite sure that I would like it or it would hold any interest for me, until I started to read it.

Daughter of Kura is based on a time period of 500,000 years ago.  Based on paleoanthropology, it is set in primitive Africa where tribes and the people of these tribes are as interesting as the time period itself.

Snap is the daughter of Kura which is a matriorical tribe, meaning that a female head of the original founder, and then the oldest daughter will resume the hierarchy when the present leader dies or retires. They have certain occurrences during the year, which coincide with the seasons, such as bonding rituals, harvesting food, etc, until a male who comes for the bonding ritual starts to plan his own reign, to pass his own views and brainwash the people of the tribe.

Snap doesn’t argue with the newcomers ways, just the way he is going about spreading his word, and mating with her mother as a means to do that, which later on Snap is cast out  because she no longer agrees with what he is saying along changing the ways of the tribe.

Snap who is pregnant, alone, hungry, not to mention afraid starts her own tribe made up of many that she has come in contact with others that have traveled to her old tribe not far away.  Her mate is off traveling, scrounging for food, spreading news that he knows of, and interacting with new tribes.

It was a quite interesting read.  With all of the research that was done from what we know about the time period,  what they had or accomplished in that period was amazing.  They were able to make a fire and keep it lit, store food to be kept over a period of time, mate and bear children.  Primitive, but yet introspective as to where we have come from.

I had taken anthropology in university, which opened a whole new world to me along with a new way of thinking.  We had never gone quite that far back, but was still interesting.

This is the first book in a new series by the author.  The second book is due to be published sometime in 2010.

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