The Hunted – Brain Haig

the huntedThis book is based on a nonfiction account written by and on the real life story of Alex and his wife, which is named “Defiance”.

Alex as a young 20 something was enrolled in Moscow University.  One day however, he was expelled for “indulging in his entrepreneurial spirit”; buy buying and selling different materials at a higher price of course.  He was worth millions when communism was falling, democracy had its slow start to rebuild the country along with the people’s confidence.

Alex who was very smart was taking chances left and right, spending most of every day in his offices looking for the next deal.  He wouldn’t get more than a few hours sleep a night.  Before long he married his wife, and was worth approximately 250 million dollars.

Then suddenly one day as he and his wife were traveling to another country for business, they were abducted even with the security detail that accompanies him everywhere they go.  One of his employees where most are ex KGB agents have somehow taken over his company and accessed his money, all the while making gross and malicious accusations about Alex and his business practices.

As he is nearly killed, they flee Russia, so they aren’t caught and killed or thrown in jail.  Eventually, they head for the United States.  Starting over in a new country with next to no money is hard, but Alex has done it before.  Before long they are being tracked by the people who want him killed, so they go to Washington and receive refugee status.  A few years later they are found after being so smart trying to hide themselves.  It isn’t only his enemies in Russia that want him; it is now the Russian Government, the CIA, the FBI and the NSA.

As the story progresses I cannot imagine being chased through all of those countries, being subjected to such preposterous lies, and accusations.  For years, they still maintain their innocence, survive the roughest jails, make friends out of their enemies, stay together and still love one another no matter how close or far away they are from one another.

For me it was the most surprising account of someone’s life in shambles because of lies and accusations, amid the changes taking place in Russia at the time.  With communism ending and democracy starting the greed of people that wanted what they had spread like fire in the country much like rumours do.  I was aghast to read this account and know in the back of my mind that it is based on a true story.  If it can happen in Russia, then it can and probably has happened elsewhere.

This was a powerful account of how the human spirit preservers in the midst of such chaos, turmoil, jealousy, and dislike for one another for what you possess in material possessions.


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