Love Lies – Adele Parks

love liesFern is going through somewhat of a midlife crisis.  In a week she will be turning thirty, she lives with her rigger for rock shows boyfriend and she feels under appreciated and taken for granted.  A few days before her birthday, she gives him an ultimatum – engagement or nothing.  So, on the morning of her birthday, he plops on the bed with not on but three sets of Scottie Taylor tickets – UK’s sexiest rock star.

She wonders if he forgot about her ultimatum, but goes with him to Wembley stadium to wander around as he works, and thinks wow great birthday. Until, she sneaks into a dressing room and who does she find Scottie Taylor in the flesh.  As she talks to him, he comes across as a very nice, and normal she can’t believe that she is sitting and playing cards with one of her favourite artists.

That night at the concert, she cannot believe that he sung her happy birthday in front of thousands of people.  Her boyfriend isn’t too happy about it either, since they had to scramble around to accommodate his sway from the programme.

After all three concerts, well really at the end of the third concert, Scottie asks Fern to marry him on stage in front of thousands.  She doesn’t know what to think.  She accepts, but is shocked at how everything is going so fast.  She is now on a plane to America, with Scotties entourage, and has already been given a designer wardrobe, and can ask for anything she wants or yearns for.  Thing is, she doesn’t know that this is all a ruse, to help Scottie make it in the US with a new album.  Scotties manager and personal assistant are in on it, while Scottie is busy with his album.

While her friends are back in the UK, she talks to them and tries to make amends to her roommate and her other friend who aren’t as excited as she is.  She is in a mansion, she has anything she wants at her beck and call, but Scottie is nowhere to be found or isn’t interested in what they used to do or talk about.

Then as the wedding date looms nearer, and something astronomical happens, will she be able to grin and bear it, or will it all fall apart.
I had a problem with this book, not that the writing or the execution of the book was in anyway wrong it was the premise of the book itself. Girl meets famous boy, sweeps her off her feet, boy asks to marry plain girl, then all hell breaks loose because of boy who is a famous rock star, that uses her for publicity.

It just turned me the wrong way, in this day and age that women still fall for this.

Adele Parks website


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