I Can See You – Karen Rose

i can see youI have to admit, I wasn’t really enthralled with Karen’s last novel, but this one flew right off the rails and had me gripping them as hard as I could without flying off into oblivion without being hurt. quite impressed.

Eve Wilson was a victim 5 and half years ago, when she was abducted and abused and nearly killed.  Using that determination she found within herself during that harrowing ordeal and overcoming her fear of being in public, she is now working at a bar and going to school hoping to receive her degree in Social Work.  She still harbours some of the fear she hasn’t totally come to terms with, and still refuses not to trust anyone, but her work at the university and online interviewing subjects in an online world have helped her to overcome some of this obstacles.

Noah Webster is a detective in the “Hat Squad” that has a past of his own.  After his wife and child were killed in a car accident that he feels that he had control over and let them down, he nearly drowned himself in his sorrows and blames himself what happened to his family, hit the bottle and didn’t come out until it nearly killed him.  But when he walks into the bar where Eve works, he is mesmerized, by how she looks at him, and is stubborn about not going to talk to her and get to know her better.

During this time that eve is doing her research and paper for her graduate thesis and research paper, people that she doesn’t yet know who are in her study have suddenly started to disappear and it is determined that they have committed suicide.  As she digs further into her double blind studies, and breaks it, she finds they are people in her study who are being killed.  Noah, come across something when he is investigating one of these, and by going back into other cases he is able to re class some deaths that were once considered to be suicides to murders.

The question is, who is doing it, and are any of them safe?

Karen is in-depth, cautious when she needed to be and the right time.  Like a seasoned killer / detective. She uncovers the clues and adds more as the story revels itself slowly page after page.

I was glued to the page, turning them after they were read, and sometimes going back to re read passages that I thought I had missed something, then going headlong into the thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, until the last clue, the last death, the last suspect has been questioned.

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