Alex Cross’ Trial – James Patterson and Richard DiLallo

Alex Cross's TrialLately, I have been reading quite a bit from James Patterson.  He is famous for being a bestseller ( he has been certified by Guinness),  some have scoffed at his 2 page chapters.  But really getting down to it  he is a good writer, some may like him or not for various reasons but he is fast becoming one of my favorites.

This book takes place in the early 1900’s where slavery was recently abolished, but in the south gruesome things like lynchings was still taking place.  The white people are afraid that the coloured people are going to take away their jobs, and other violent things are happening as well, it just isn’t talked about.

Ben Corbett is an attorney in Washington.  He is known for defending racism as well as some  tough cases. Ben’s wife is becoming increasingly more vocal about what he is doing, and not earning money from it, so she has given him an ultimatum.

Then something exciting happens.  Ben gets summoned to the President’s office for a meeting.  After this meeting he isn’t sure how his wife is going to take it, but he is going to go back to where he was raised to find out exactly what is going on.  Alex Cross’s great uncle Abraham has also  been given the job and to report back.

When Ben returns under the guise that he is interviewing potential candidates for Judgeships, he is welcomed back with open arms for a time.  Later on however, he isn’t as welcome as he was.  He uncovers grisly acts from some of the people that he has considered lifelong friends and colleagues. Lynching trees and other places far into the bush of Louisiana have hidden from the normal folk.

Ben and Alex really want to stop all of this violence, but will it take more than the 2 men have, or will it just take time?

I enjoyed the historical facts of the novel.  It was the history aspect of the novel that I wanted to read about, which, for me was a huge eye opener.  The fact of what one thought of another during this time of change and upheaval.  It wasn’t just here in Canada or in the United States it was all over the world even today it is still like that in places.

It certainly was a grisly time in history, violence, love, bravery, and friendship rolled all into one.  You just can’t get any better than that.

Watch and Listen to James Patterson talk about the book

Listen to Excerpt 1 and Excerpt 2


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