Tea Time For The Traditionally Built – Alexander McCall Smith

Tea TimeMme Ramotswe is still living in Gaborone, happily married, and accepting a new case which involves Football (Soccer) players.  She really isn’t sure that she should since she knows nothing about football in the least, but she decides that it is worth a shot.

Her Assistant Detective, Mme Maktuski has her own dilemma.  She is engaged to Phuti Radiphuti who owns the double comfort furniture store and he has just hired her old rival from the secretarial college Violet.  Violet and Mme Makutski haven’t ever gotten along, and by the sounds of it she is trying to encroach into Mme. Maksutki’s relationship and steal her fiancée away from her.

While they are investigating this new case, Mme. Ramotswe’s famous white truck is on its last legs.  She knows just by the sound of it, and it breaks her heart.  This is the only thing left of her old life back in her village from after her father died.  She doesn’t know what to do, should she tell her husband and realize that she needs to get a new vehicle or tough it out and start to walk to work.  Then she has an idea, she decides to get Charlie from her husband’s mechanic shop to take her truck home to take a look at it secretly.

As the story reveals itself, It was going back to something familiar and cozy.  A story that seems to be small, but ends up giving a life lesson for not only the ones involved, but the one reading the book as well.  My son and I have been watching the shows that have been taken from previous books Alexander McCall Smith has written.  When I showed him the book he immediately said “Mom, is that the Mme Ramotswe show I love?” I chuckled and answered yes.  The light but airy writing along with the cases being solved isn’t as dark and scary as some would think.  It is one that is effortlessly streamlined, wanting you to turn the pages with hunger and delight at the end.

I absolutely love the books now that I have had an opportunity to read one, and fell in love with the stories portrayed on television.  There isn’t really much difference that I can see comparing the two.  Possibly with the amount of detail that we see in books is more than in a television show, but I had visions of all of the cast and characters in my mind as I read along.

Simply brilliantly written.

Random House / Knopf Canada


One thought on “Tea Time For The Traditionally Built – Alexander McCall Smith

  1. Have you read anything else by Alexander McCall Smith? I absolutely love his writing style. He wrote a serial that was compiled into several novels and I have to say, that is my favourite of his. The first one is called 44 Scotland Street.

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