The Promised World – Lisa Tucker

the_promised_worldLila, who is an English Lit professor at a prestigious school, is married to a man who thinks he doesn’t deserve to have married her.  Lila is a twin who  talks about her brother incessantly just as much as she reads books.  One day her life as she knows it will be changed forever one day when her brother Billy commits suicide by police.

This not only shocks Lila, but his wife, children, and other members of the family.  Both Lila and her brother have been on their own since they were teenagers, trusting one another living on their own until they married and separated.

Lila devastation  in turn brings her into the depths of depression that no one would have thought would happen.  She starts doing undeniable weird behaviour – not sleeping, undressing and hiding under her desk at work, acting as if the world doesn’t hold anything for her at it once did.  As things unravel and secrets are uncovered, will Lila be the same person that everyone once loved and adored along with her love of books?

Things that were once thought of as truths, aren’t;  the situation for her is all too much.  She is admitted to hospital, with images and feelings that she never knew or thinks she imagined.  With all of this bombarding her,  she is destined to find out the truth, and what she finds is something that is not only odd but frees her as a new person.

Along with all of the stories made to cover up acts,  accidents that were thought once to hinder or hurt her, she begins to uncover them piece by piece like a puzzle.  Where one twin is favoured more than the other, her feelings were diminished as nonsense.

For me, there were so many underlying aspects of the book that had me gripping the edge of my seat as one by one the secrets and pathologies of her mother and father were presented.

I liked the book, it was something of a closely guarded secret, slowly and with some pain along the way being slowly opened so that the pain could be healed with the knowledge and life could begin again.  Such a dark and expressive topic that surely someone may have all experienced at one time or another, that we need to learn from.

We need to be able to overcome and begin our lives once again.


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