Sand Sharks – Margaret Maron

sand_sharksDeborah Knott just had an argument with her husband.  She is glad to be going away for a few days to the hotel where she is staying before her judicial conference is being held so she can get a few days of rest and relaxation in before it starts.

Shortly after she arrives, a fellow judge is murdered, left for dead in the surf of the ocean where he is found with a dog’s leash around his neck, presumably which was used to strangle him.

The only others at the hotel are judges and other people that weren’t known to the group of judges and the staff.  But then again the Judge who was murdered has a history of his own, and given that fact, anyone could have murdered him.  And it wasn’t for being a honest and law abiding judge either.

Deborah is being inquisitive.  She thinks about who would want or be able to do such a thing.  Then the police are investigating this murder another judge is nearly killed in the parking lot of the hotel a few days later.  He now is in ICU recovering.

As she thinks back to who was at the initial welcome dinner, it cannot be any of her colleagues, but then again he had more then just one skeleton in his closet concerning his courtroom and his private life.  But Who?

Hachette / Grand Central


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