We Know What You’re Thinking – What Canadians Think and Why – Darrell Bricker and John Wright

we know what youre thinkingHave you ever wondered what other people think? Have you ever wondered how your opinions match against say someone across the country?  While living out in British Columbia, I had a job which asked questions of Americans on different topics, and it made me want to read this book just to see how or why people think the way they do and how the pollsters crunch the numbers and come up with the answers that they do.

Darrel and John have been asking Canadians questions for years as Canada’s premier pollsters from Ipsos-Reid, which just happens to be the largest market and opinion research company in Canada.

I can almost be sure that at one time or another, you had a phone call from these people, and depending on your mood (yes I have been on the end of that many times asking questions myself) when you decide to answer these questions, do you think that they actually matter?  In one word yes, they do.

From policies, random questions, and some really personal questions such as what would your ideal lover look like, to going out to dinner and a movie would you rather take your dad or Jon Bon Jovi?  The answers to these questions and so many more can be found in this book that actually differs from province to province.

What do they do with all of the answers that they receive, how do they put together all of the data, yes, no and maybes, into such data that a company or organization who pays them to find out, and what does it mean for us the person that they ask, or even what does it do to the landscape of Canada?

We know what you are thinking offers some really interesting thoughts about what people think, along with some funny anecdotes to make it flow better.  It wasn’t as drab and boring as some may think it would be this would be the kind of book you might want to take a look at.  And, yes, I can see the doubt on your face.

Very easy to understand, also with a few unofficial quizzes to see what you have learned during reading the book.  Talking of books, did you know that British Columbia, and the Atlantic Provinces reads the most books It also doesn’t hurt to mention they are both close to oceans ?


• The more formal education you have, the more beer you drink.

• 25 percent of Torontonians name Vancouver as their favourite potential place to live; 3 percent of Vancouverites

name Toronto as their favourite place to live.

• Calgary leads the nation in broccoli consumption.

• 3 percent of Canadians believe that Elvis Presley is still alive.

• Less than 1 percent of Canadian parents with young children hope their kids will grow up to be writers.

The Globe and Mail’s Ten Questions from The Great Big Canadian Quiz



4 thoughts on “We Know What You’re Thinking – What Canadians Think and Why – Darrell Bricker and John Wright

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  2. Wait, are you Canadian?
    This book sounds very interesting, I think I might like to read it. I’m from Calgary and I HATE broccoli. I can guarantee that I am not contributing to the consumption of broccoli in this city!

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