Sometimes Mine – Martha Moody

Sometimes MineGenie is a Cardiologist in a busy private practice, as well as a busy hospital practice.  She has been married and subsequently divorced and has one adult child from that relationship.

Amid her busy life, she has many friends and is well liked among her colleagues.  In her personal life however, it centers on mostly around one person Mick Crabbe, who is a college basketball coach with whom Genie has had Thursday night dates with for the last 12 years.

Why?  Well, Mick is married.

As the story unfolds with their unorthodox relationship, Mick’s daughter falls ill with a cardiac illness.  Who do they want to care for their daughter…Genie.  Although Genie has often wondered what Mick’s wife is like and what things they talk about, she isn’t all that sure that she wants to meet her in this type of setting.  This is where the real story begins.

Genie is put in a position where she doesn’t really want to be in the middle of.  Sure being a doctor / cardiologist is her job, but she would much rather not taking care of Mick’s adult daughter.  She is thrust into the middle of something she thought she could handle, but with the insecurities of Mick’s wife after their daughter is taken care of, she is divided on how to deal with this situation / being friendly with his wife, and what toll it will take on their relationship.

Then Mick himself falls ill with prostate cancer, which he doesn’t take care of or doesn’t want to until the basketball season is over with, after all he has a team he needs to coach and get to the finals.  He wants to lead his team to victory for once, and this could possibly be his last shot.

Mick’s wife finds out about the affair Mick and Genie are having, for the last 12 years.

Not only now are Genie and Mick’s wife more entrenched then ever, Mick’s family is divided on everythi8ng from him being ill with cancer to family issues, Genie is wanting and needing to break it off with Mick, but they keep coming back to one another.   With the situation becoming more then just Mick, the relationship is muddled with his wife, they come to know not only one another but the man they both love, understand one another and in the end believe that there is more to one another then one first assumes.

Although this novel was well written, I had problems with the storyline from the beginning.  My morals and values had me shaking my head at Genie and Mick for the things they continually continued well after in my opinion it should have gone on for.  Genie is a well respected Cardiologist in her field, who could date or be in a relationship with any other single professional person.

Penguin / Riverhead Books

Author’s Website


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