Do I need a new bookcase or Do I NEED a new bookcase ??

001002Now, do I really need a new bookcase ?? I think I do.  With all of the great books that have been sent to me, I am starting to run out of space to place them.  And the floor / carpet isn’t one of the greatest places for all of that GREAT literature.

I had received an email from Jason over at Home Office Furniture, about an amazing opportunity to be able to try one of their bookcases, and the first thought that came to me was what great timing.  So, when I contacted him it sounded really easy, so, I have asked for a new bookcase, so that my lovely books (yes, I love them that much) will have a new home, on their own shelves like they should.

Now, I have to say I was REALLY impressed about the selection that they have. Everything from the first time you are moving away from home, to pieces that you will have in your home or office to update or refurbish, and within every budget.  It isn’t just home office furniture either, there are also over 200 Stores in every imaginable part of everyday life.  Housewares, Rugs, Furniture for not only the office, but home as well.

So, once I receive my bookcase I will post further and let you know how it all went, stay tuned !

Thanks again to Jason at Home Office Furniture for allowing me to be able to do this.

Office Furniture

All 200+ Stores


5 thoughts on “Do I need a new bookcase or Do I NEED a new bookcase ??

  1. Marci, yes you do need another bookcase. You have everything in the bookcase all neat and tidy. Love it.

    Isn’t Jason the best? He was such a pleasure to work with. I hope you get your bookcase very soon. Dying to see what you chose.

    BTW I got my bookcase and posted my review.

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