The Wives Tale – Lori Lansens

wifestaleMary Gooch realizes that on the eve of her 25th wedding anniversary that she has absolutely nothing to wear.  Being morbidly obese, a lot is trial and error, but then again her job doesn’t really require dress attire as she works in a pharmacy.  Late that night, she realizes that her husband hasn’t come home and doesn’t have any idea where he is, hasn’t left a note, or called.  Mary isn’t worried Jimmy is always honest and reliable.  She is more worried about what she is going to wear, and what next to eat.

Mary was always what you would call fat.  Even as a child the doctor would call her Obeast.  There was one time however when she wasn’t when she was a teenager – eating dirt because she had worms and subsequently eating the dirt to get rid of the worms, and losing weight is what caught Jimmy Gooch’s eye.  Even after he was in a car accident with his drunken father and broken his leg.

Mary is always eating, it doesn’t matter what it is or what time of the day or night it is.  That is the reason why her new outfit is small.  It doesn’t help either that the chocolate guy gives her a discount on chocolate at the store when he comes in.

But 25 years later, she feels comfortable in her life.  Jimmy seems to be happy as well, or at least she thinks he is, until he doesn’t show up for work.  After a few days, she starts to get worried, and calls his boss – even he doesn’t know where Jimmy is.

Throughout her whole life it seems as though it has been one thing after another, family deaths, occurrences, and not dealing with her pain and suffering; Mary finally after years is overcoming her obstacles and drives from a small town in Ontario to Toronto hops on a plane and flies to California after his long lost (and dead supposedly) sister tells Mary that he is gone there.

Once she arrives in Los Angeles, she is awe struck.  How is she supposed to get around, how is she supposed to find her mother in law to see if her husband is here?

Throughout the story, it gives one a personal glimpse into a marriage that was almost doomed from the start to the revitalization of a woman who is not only finding herself, but what she wants.

Random House / Knopf


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