Trust Me – Peter Leonard

trust meKaren lived with Samir until he threw her out, but not before he convinced her to let him hold her money she had instead of it being in the bank.  She agreed, and thought that she would get it back, but she hasn’t and she’s plotted a plan to get it back.

Given that the people she has chosen, she thinks it will go off without a hitch.  Everything should go according to plan, and then someone gets shot as they are making their getaway.

After that, things go horribly wrong…

In this thriller/ adventure book, between the people she’s asked to help her, and some people that run in the same circles, who gradually become involved whether they like it or not.  Police go from one city to the next sirens blazing, catching up with all of the carnage and destruction left in the path of who is behind it, and who is killing all of these people.

This book will have you turning the pages, wondering if or who something will happen to next.  Even then when you are thinking what if anything else will happen, will.  Karen and her friends and unsuspecting family members, think again.

It was a good book, the fast pace, the many double crosses and tripe crosses, and of course it will have you wondering does she get away with the almost perfect crime of her own money….Only way to find out is to read the book.

Macmillian / Minotaur Books

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Peter’s Website


2 thoughts on “Trust Me – Peter Leonard

  1. LOL you and I are in the same boat, I have gotten so many books lately, and more are on the many lovely books and so little time.

    Yep, there was something happening even when you weren’t looking, I liked it

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