Evidence of Murder – Lisa Black

evidence of murderTheresa Mclean returns to the spotlight after her fiancé was killed during a bank robbery that went horrifically wrong.  In her deep grief that hasn’t abated even a bit, nothing even work seems to get her out of it.  It is as if she is just going along with whatever is going on… no feeling, no ambition, no determination, and no strength.

A case comes along that has them all stumped, Jillian is found dead on a beach, no forensic evidence, nothing to show why she is there, but she is.  She was just married to a man who is in the gaming community on the rise after his first game garnered huge success, and while his business is off the ground, her death to Theresa is more than just a suicide, she has a feeling it was murder, but how can she prove it?

When the police, Theresa, and all of the forensic scientists have come up clueless, Theresa decides there is more to this then what they all see.  She takes it upon herself and against the opinions of others that it is just what it is, a suicide.  But in the back of her mind, it is murder. And why would someone murder Jillian, she has stopped her escorting even before she got married, could there be a date that she had or her former boss have something that didn’t want to be uncovered?

Theresa uncovers something that is worrisome, her newborn daughter has inherited a rather large sum of money from her great grandparents, could this be possibly be the motive?

After Lisa’s first book Takedown hit the shelves last fall, and I was so enamoured about it, I was really looking forward to this one, to see if she wowed my senses, and in one way she did, but in another way she didn’t.  Although this novel was a slower pace compared to the bank robbery scenario of her last book, this one took the back seat for me.  It seemed to take more of a slower pace, one that had focused more on Theresa more than the actual crime itself that she was writing about.  Granted, the action aspect was there once it did take prominence in near the end of the story line, but for me it was a bit of a miss.  It was well written, but it just didn’t resonate with me as much as her first novel did.

Lisa Black’s debut novel Takeover – My review

HarperCollins / William Morrow

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