The Death of Bunny Munro – Nick Cave

Bunny MunroIn this dark noir type work from Nick Cave, I think it was the cover that intrigued me more about the novel, and decided I just had to read it.  Isn’t the cover just too neat?

Bunny Munro is a mess.  Being a traveling salesman doesn’t do much for the appearance and the fact that most nights or days for that matter are spent on the road, selling beauty products to bored out of their mind housewives,  spending his time in gritty hotel rooms,  having sex with unscrupulous women (mostly the women he sells to or meets on his travels) while his wife and son are home in an apartment waiting him to come home.

With women everywhere and certain thoughts about Avril Lavinge’s certain body anatomy, it doesn’t make it any easier.

When he is home, he has a 9 yr old son that adores him along with a wife that is slipping towards a deeper depression then imagined while Bunny is away.  When he returns from his latest road trip however, things take a drastic turn.  Bunny’s wife has committed suicide in their bedroom with the door locked.

This changes everything.

Not knowing what to do with his son, he can only think of the one way he can do his road trip and that is take his son with him.  They pack up the car with samples, son in tow with his encyclopaedia and off they go; do they have the adventure that Bunny Junior has ever dreamed possible? Does Bunny eventually sort out his life and begin fresh on a new road?

For me, this was a really dark, bleak book that surrounds itself in the depths of misery while not knowing how to get out of the mess Bunny has created in the first place.  Taking advantage of his wife, the family members that used to be around have given him nevertheless an ultimatum he has to do it himself.  Although his son idolizes him just as much as he did his own father, the ending was  justified, which broke the cycle which would enable him to choose the life he wants.

I liked the book, in the beginning I was taken aback by the antics and situations he would get himself into, but near the end of the book he realizes that his relationship with his father and with his own son are or would be exactly the same, passed onto to another generation.  He realized the wrong of his ways, and wanted to be a better person to be able to show his son, and be the role model he never had in his own life.

HarperCollins / Canongate

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