The Murder of King Tut – James Patterson with Martin Dugard

murder of king tutThis latest debut of James Patterson’s latest non fiction thriller is nothing short of pure gold.

As James came up with the idea, pitched it to his agent, editor, and then started researching it thinking would it be believable or plausible to somehow piece the death of King Tut.  Rumours and speculation have been circulating for as long as his death has been made public, and the most important answer of all would be, who and what would they gain by killing him.

King Tut was only 9 years old when he became King of Egypt.  There were people in his inner circle that were his own trusted advisors, but yet, some of these people were rivals and jealous of what he had, achieved at such a young age.

10 years later once he married his step sister and could not produce an heir, he was dead, and buried in what was considered a paupers tomb gone and forgotten when these same people erased or attempted to erase every last known trace of him.

Howard Carter was intrigued with the stories coming out of Egypt when he was a teen living in England.  Sent to be an assistant, he eventually became one of the better known lay Egyptologists and unlocks the 3,000 yr old mystery of what may have happened to King Tut.

For as long as I can remember, anything that had anything to do with Egypt, or the mysteries that surrounded all of the kings, their tombs, and the lore associated with it has had me intrigued as I am sure that you have been as well.  When I come across a documentary, or a program that shows Egypt, I am always yearning to go and visit this mysterious place to get a glimpse into the tombs, the ruins and just image being back in that time.

This book for sure has heightened that desire with James’ non fiction thriller account of what may have happened to the young king.

Listen to an excerpt


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