What a Treat!

cathy buchananday the falls stood stillThis afternoon I had the distinct pleasure of being asked to call into the end of a book blogging tour for Cathy Marie Buchanan’s The Day The Falls Stood Still.  Also attended by Author Sandra Gulland who recently wrote Mistress Of The Sun, and the Josephine Trilogy, hard at work at her latest work of historical fiction which is due fairly soon.

There were some fabulous bloggers among myself who attended as well – Marie from The Burton Review, Margaret from Historical Novels, Julie from Booking Mama, Nicole from Linus’ Blanket all came together to chat about Cathy’s book, the end of the blogging tour, gain some more insight into how books are published, getting an agent, the inspiration for writing a specific genre of fiction, and to just connect and have a light discussion about books in general.

Thank you to Cathy, Sandra, Diane and all of the wonderful bloggers who took the time out of their busy schedules to call in and as well as the wonderful guests to come, listen and ask questions.

I feel wonderfully blessed to be a book blogger, and am fortunate that I am able to receive such wonderful books to take me away into another world, experience new things, new places, and adventures.


My Q and A with Cathy

My review of The Day The Falls Stood Still

Cathy’s Website


5 thoughts on “What a Treat!

    • Oh no problem what so ever Sandra! and I will see you soon in Niagara Cathy ! I just cannot wait, my first author reading AND I get to meet you as well!!

      It was an absolute pleasure to be able to call in an talk to both of you, definitely not something you do everyday..right ?

      Thank you all again for thinking of me when doing this.

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