Dark Slayer – Christine Feehan

dark slayerI have to say right off this was the perfect book when I read it.  I had read some pretty heavy literary works before this book and was in a sort of rut in choosing what I would read next.  I think you all know what I am talking about, I needed a break from those heavy topics, and this happened to be the exact right change.

Lately, there has been this craze not only in books but on television as well adding to the debate of Zombies or Vampires.  But when I looked at this book, it had caught my interest, so I broke down; this is a new departure for me this genre of Paranormal / Fantasy / Erotic Fiction type of work, so I hope a do a good job of relaying what the book was about.

Just a warning to you all, this has a fair amount of explicit sex, so I would recommend this book to only adults, and to exercise caution when buying this book for someone else.

Ivory has been betrayed by some of the members of her family hundreds of years ago.  As she was regenerating in the deep cavernous depths of the earth after being chopped into pieces and left for the wolves to eat her remaining body parts, she had become part of a pack of wolves that had befriended her and have been her family ever since.  She hunts vampires; it doesn’t matter if they are family members.

The search for an infamous one Xavier has been her ultimate goal since she has returned.  Xavier is the most vile, evil Vampire that uses his powers to overtake different parts of earth work for him in every way possible.  This even means spiders and any other animal or mineral that he can control.

One night while hunting, she comes along a scent that is that of a man, which just so happens to also be her life mate, who has recently escaped Xavier after being tortured and held captive for centuries.

Razvan has been branded a criminal, not to be trusted.  But when he encounters Ivory all of that changes, they team up to take down Xavier no matter what the damage or what comes in their way.

As long as they can stay alive doing it.

I enjoyed this novel immensely.  It was one of those well written books that keep you wanting to keep reading no matter what you need or have to do in real life.  I was also impressed that at the back of the book there were appendixes that she shares to better give you an idea of what the Carpathians are about, where they come from, chants and languages that they use.  With my family coming from an area close to the location she is talking about was interesting as well.

Dark Slayer debuted on the New York Times Bestselling list at number 1

Christine’s Website

Penguin / Berkley


2 thoughts on “Dark Slayer – Christine Feehan

  1. OK – I think I’ll have to keep trying with this series. I must get better then. Right now I’m listening to the first, mostly for the same reasons you mentioned in your review – I had been reading a lot of heavy books and needed a departure. This is my first foray into the vampire/paranormal genre (I haven’t even read the Twilight series) and so far the quality of the writing in the first book is almost laughably bad (USING the word erotic eight times in under five minutes does not MAKE something erotic). Perhaps Feehan just had to work out the kinks in her style and the Carpathian background story to find her rhythm?

    • To be honest, this is the first book I had read of her work. It was simply one of those books to get away with. I liked her writing, it wasn’t all about the erotic scenes at all. There were maybe 3-5 in the whole book. She has written many more by the looks of it, and debuted this work at number 1, so she does have quite the following. It is the same with author James Patterson, some love his work, and some do not for whatever reason whether it is because the chapters are 2 pages or other reasons.

      Before I read this book, I was reading literary works by Joyce Carol Oates, and Josephine Hart that hit a pretty good punch when it came to topics that they write about, this one was the perfect break to get me back on kilter so to speak.

      Publishing is just a fickle as is movie making, not everyone is going to like every single movie. Perhaps if you read one instead of listening to her work you may fair better as well. Audio books for me personally do not do it for me, (I fall asleep). I much rather an actual book. And I agree with you just the word erotic doesn’t do it for me either. I am guessing she might have been, or trying new things, I cant assume or comment because I simply do not know. There are so many possibilities that it would be just speculation on my part.

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