A Change in Altitude – Anita Shreve

change in altitudePatrick and Margaret who were recently married move to Kenya for Patrick to continue his research as a Doctor.

Moving for anyone even to a new country or across the country for that matter is one of the most stressful things that anyone can experience.  Everything is new and unfamiliar, at times scary.  But their landlords have invited them to climb Mt. Kenya with another couple, so how can they really refuse.  As the trip starts, it is all great, but shortly after it turns tragic.

The tragedy is always at the back of Margaret’s mind, as she goes through her days.  She thinks it will always affect their marriage.  She is also at a crossroads of her career as well, and ventures out and lands a job as a newspaper photographer at a somewhat rebellious newspaper that has her going on all sorts of assignments, where she meets a reporter that she realizes that she has feelings for and grapples with.

Margaret and Patrick are at somewhat of a crossroads of sorts, she is feeling vulnerable about what had happened, and Patrick sloughs it off as being not so important.  Will they continue the marriage or work through the hard times ahead and make a go of it.

In Anita’s latest book, I really wasn’t feeling Margaret’s character as much as I thought I would.  From the start she seemed off, and disconnected from not only her husband, and the other characters other then the servant who was raped in the book.  The characters Margaret and Patrick were more connected to the outer characters in the book then they were to each other even being newly married.

It was well written in Anita’s usual style of writing, with me however, it was a miss from her previous book Testimony, which was far better.

Hachette / Little Brown

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