Evenings at The Argentine Club – Julia Amante

Evenings at the Argentine ClubIn the area I live in, there has been a shift in the type of nationalities that are living here.  When I was younger it was a mix of mainly Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, and like nationalities that lived and worked in the area.  Since I have returned that has shifted more to French, and Spanish like nationalities, as well as many from the Caribbean.  The diversity is just amazing; I learn new things every day, as is my son who goes to a catholic school.

Now, imagine if you will you are one of these families who are far away from all of your family and close relatives in a new country where everything and everyone is new.  Scary isn’t it just thinking about it.  But the main reason, in my honest opinion is that they come here for a better life, one filled with opportunities that they wouldn’t be able to experience in the countries that they came from.

This latest book release is exactly about that and so much more.  The differences these families experience between generations, what the older generations pass onto the younger; the nuances that change and add to the old to make it new and of course to evolve to be passed on to the other generations to learn and live by.

It is also about the sacrifices that are made to be able to do something like this, the distance from family, the isolation of being all alone all to be able to realize your dreams no matter how small or large.  To be able to experience a new culture whether Canadian or American.

In this fictional account, there are 2 families that are featured trying to do this very thing.  Moving to America from Argentina, they find solace in a club, The Argentine Club, where they can be with people from their own culture, to revel in things that they enjoy where others are interested in or miss the camaraderie and the joyfulness in their culture; Sharing stories, food, making new friends and enjoying life.

The older generation passes on and tries to preserve the traditions from past generations, and the newer generation wants to embellish more of the westernized ways into the mix.  When this happens, disagreements, and people clash.

I liked this book, I know even for me it was difficult even moving across the country to a new province.  Everything was different, learning new things albeit, the same, but a different way of going about it.  I enjoyed the way the closeness of the 2 families who from the outside wanted to make a better life for their families on the sacrifices they made to be able to move to a new country.

Even at times they didn’t agree there were still lessons to be learnt on both sides of the spectrum.  The characters were full of more than just being themselves; they gave and asked for nothing in return except for respect and camaraderie with their fellow Argentinian; as well as their ability to persevere, to succeed even when they had their doubts.

I have also talked with Julia, and will be posting a Q and A with her tomorrow, so stay tuned !

Hachette / Grand Central

Julia’s Website

Reading Group Guide


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