The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe – J. Randy Taraborrelli

Marilyn MonroeI am simply speechless.

All of us know Marilyn Monroe was one of the most famous actresses in her day, who is still as iconic as she was before her death – her natural beauty, her tumultuous relationships with men,  the men she married, her controversial link to powerful and influential men who include the Kennedy brothers, who died way before she should have.

In her young life, it started to go wrong very early.  Her mother, who was thought of as having something wrong with her – erratic behaviour, which left Norma Jean with neighbours as an infant never knowing who her real biological mother was, or even who her father was.

Being shuffled back and forth from her mother to her foster parents to orphanages and back again certainly displaced her and displaced her sense of who she really was, with not knowing specific details which would haunt her as if a puzzle always had a few pieces missing where in fact it should have been filled.

On her way to becoming a Hollywood star in the 50’s, the people which surrounded her seemed to hang off her like they could get something from her, or just be there in case that she needed something from them.  The mood swings, the drugs, the alcohol, and the seamless illusions of her being perfectly sane, but at times the exact opposite – depressed, lifeless, not being able to take care of herself.  The mental illness which was like her mother and grandmothers; said to be paranoid schizophrenia also known as manic depression, then the mysterious nature of her death at the age of 36.

I think there was just something about Marilyn that had everyone wanting to get to know her – her complete transformation as soon as she hit the stage, or was in the company of people that she wanted to be around.  The women who were jealous of her, and made men intimidated with her poise and intelligence.  (She was actually quite intelligent).  But behind the confidant exterior it was quite clear she was because of her childhood, her intense therapy sessions, who she was or where she came from.  It was said that she used her not knowing who her father was or her childhood to draw from during dramatic scenes in the movies she acted in.

It seems as though she was very much living a double life, the one in public, and then the one in private.

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