9 Dragons – Michael Connelly

Nine DargonsHarry Bosch is on the job again.  Once again he doesn’t disappoint.

Assigned to a suspected robbery homicide that involves an Asian family business in an area they don’t  usually cover, they arrive to discover the owner was shot dead behind the counter.  Could it have been personal? Who could have done it, Gangs? Thinking about this there is only one gang that would have done this – The triads.

While doing surveillance, Bosch receives a video message from his daughter who lives with her mother in Hong Kong.  She has been abducted, presently is nowhere to be found. He had contacted his ex wife, and found out that she doesn’t know where she is either.

Bosch has a question in his mind; could the two incidents be connected??

In Michael Connelly’s latest thriller he shows that he hasn’t lost his touch.  Keeping you on the edge of your seat until the absolute last moment till the cases are solved; unless something else happens in this book, it is no exception, Bosch is on the case until the last clue is solved, and the bad guys are behind bars.

Going from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and back again in a matter of hours, Bosch navigates the crude slums, poorer areas of Hong Kong gives the novel not only the authenticity,

but the necessity of having to get there right away.  Time is being the ultimate barrier to both cases being solved in a very short matter of time being the ultimate demon; will Bosch be able to solve both cases at once simultaneously?

You will only know if you go out and read it.

Author Q and A

Listen to an excerpt


4 thoughts on “9 Dragons – Michael Connelly

  1. You and I have a lot of the same reading tastes. First Little Bird of Heaven and now this one. Michael Connelly is going to be speaking in our area (So California) next month. I’m thinking about going – but the cost is $70! Still, I just got 9 Dragons on my Kindle and will be reading it right after Little Bird.

  2. Loved 9 Dragons! How DOES he crank out such great books so quickly?

    Thanks for posting the video – it was fun to see the location. I’ve never been to Hong Kong, although I have been to China. I sort of imagined it like Shanghai as I read, but I enjoyed seeing the real thing.

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