Little Bird of Heaven – Joyce Carol Oates

Little Bird of HeavenTaking place in New York State, A woman who is murdered is connected to a prominent man in town; plus a few unsavoury characters.  As the investigation continues, and seemingly disrupts the family life of this man among the lives of her son and other estranged family.  It is a journey to the soul, the inside of a family, and the overcoming of what has affected an entire town amidst rumours, the truth, and what other people think.

Eddy Diehl is the married man that had an affair with Zoe.  Her estranged husband is also suspect in the murder of Zoe in her home early one morning as she was about to leave for Vegas to see if she has a shot at a serious singing career.  She never got to Vegas; no one actually knew that she was even going there.

Why in the world would Eddy have an affair with one girl in a small town that everyone knew, that was seen as off the beaten track when he had everything at home – loving family, wife, successful children?  The drinking that lead to Eddy’s demise and subsequent addiction with getting himself cleared so that the stigma of being accused would forever be off his shoulders.

As Joyce Carol Oates tells the story in different angles and perspectives through Eddy, her ex husband, her son, the ex wife, and the son; she emits this sense of the unknown since it takes the police forever to be cleared from the suspect list and what it ultimately does to both families – the shock, the anger, the distrust, The feelings of being persecuted when one is innocent, and then death by police squad.

Lately, this is happening more and more in our everyday lives, the hurt it causes all of us, the communities that it happens in, and the anguish and pain it causes the families affected is just heartbreaking.

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2 thoughts on “Little Bird of Heaven – Joyce Carol Oates

  1. Marci, I’ve just started Little Bird. As always, Oates portrays such a strong sense of character and place. I loved watching the video, getting to hear a little about how she views her craft – thanks for posting it.

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