The Truth About Love – Josephine Hart

Truth About LoveHave you ever given your heart to someone and then have it broken so it seemed at the time, to be broken into a million pieces or if it was ripped out from your chest still beating on the ground, or at least it felt like that at the time?; Bearing the suffering in the aftermath of its being gone?

What would you do? Would you be able to go on? Live life as if nothing happened? Get over it as fast as you fell in love with that person?

To be totally honest, this review has taken me a while to be able to do.  With the content and the subject matter, I honestly wanted to make sure I was solid in what I needed to write about, before I wrote about it.  With all of the thoughts and feelings coming from the characters, it was much more than just reading a book.

Situated in Ireland in the 1960’s, an accidental death, the devastating blow to this family, the wounds not yet closed over from the previous death of the youngest child, rips the family over the edge once again.  The mother inconsolable, the father doing everything he can to save her and the daughter that gives up her dreams to help the family through the grief, the anger, and back to love.

No emotion is left unscathed, it is one of those books that will have you twisted up inside, even as it sat on my shelf awaiting to be read, and then once it was finished, I felt as though I had lived through their lives, their utter depression of the mother who already is grieving and tossed into an even deeper depression, at times, nearly not making it out.

The husband, who thought if he just loved his wife just a bit more then what he already did, would give her the courage to get out of the rut she is in, and snap her out of it.

The Daughter who stayed and lived their dreams, took care of them, as she was getting ready to go off to University, to start her own life just as many have her before have done.

The German neighbour, who ran away from his native Germany, only to be confronted with his grief that happened years ago, untouched, un dealt with until he moved to Ireland, what he and others fears that will happen sooner or later whether surprised or intervention given.

Stunning, Powerful, Unforgetful, Dangerous.


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