Ecoholic – Your Guide to The Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products, and Services – Adria Vasil

bookCoverUSDo you or have you ever wondered what it takes in terms of resources to make certain things that we use every day?  Have you wondered since the topic of Global Warming has been more and more prevalent in the news and all over that could we use less, another product, or do without? Well this is the book that will help you to make some decisions about the products you use, some you may want to stop using and some alternatives that are not only healthy, but better for the environment.

Here are a few examples;

  • Every year, it takes 3.5 billion GALLONS of oil and about 250,000 trees are used to make the plastic and cellulose in disposable diapers.
  • Researchers have found that Splenda can take up to 7 years to breakdown in waterways.
  • Millions of CONDOMS are said to slip into bodies of water every YEAR, thanks to sewer overflows and all of the men and boys who flush them down the toilet.
  • An investigation into drinking water in 24 major US towns turned up traces of Epilepsy drugs, painkillers, and Prozac to name a few.

Now, you will just have to go out and buy the book to see what else you can do to help the environment, I admit, when I read it, I was quite scared about what we use and what it does to the earth.  Let’s try to do our part to save the only place we call home – Our Earth.

Ecoholic Website

EcoholicTV – Adria’s ant attack! from NOW Magazine on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “Ecoholic – Your Guide to The Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products, and Services – Adria Vasil

  1. This is the American version, although, it is still important in Canada. We use the same or identical products in our everyday lives. There are some really great ideas in the book that we can curb or eliminate some of the harmful products that we use in our everyday lives.

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