The Soccer Book – The Sport, The Teams, The Tactics, The Cups – David Goldblatt

the soccer bookWhen this book came to my door, I was excited for my son who received it, but I had absolutely no idea how great and fact filled this books was.  It is absolutely filled with illustrations about every facet of the game of soccer, the rules, the history, the tactics, the skills,  EVERYTHING.

The covers of the book itself is even patterned as a real soccer ball as well to give it even more authenticity.  At a whooping 399 pages, this book will not soon leave your home if you have multiple children that are crazy about the sport of soccer.

My son Nick who has graciously lent his thoughts about the book as well.

  • Even better than any other soccer book I have read
  • Has every single little detail about soccer you would ever want to know and then some

His Favorite features are:

  • The maps of countries, locations, the illustrations of accessories, equipment
  • History of how soccer became such a phenomenon
  • Statistics
  • Championship Cups
  • Rules, different types of soccer
  • REALLY GREAT BOOK ! If you love soccer

Last and final thought from Nick – This book TOTALLY blew my mind !

DK Books Canada


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