Eyewitness Soldier – Simon Adams

soldierPlease welcome my favorite guest blogger my son Nick, as he gives his review of this book that he really likes and it is quite evident here at home, where he looks at it a lot.

Eyewitness Soldier is one of those books that is great for one that is wanting to learn about soldiers.  Actually, all of the eyewitness books are awesome for this.  They have loads of information, plenty of pictures, and this one has a clip image cd-rom that can be used on your computer, for making different things that you may like.

Here are some other things he liked about the book:

  • Shows different types of soldiers – uniforms, equipment.
  • Shows the different types of soldiers – platoon, battalion, companies and more.
  • Talks about specialized soldiers such as mercenaries and how they participate on conflicts.
  • Also shows the ranking system from Private and up, selections and differences.
  • Again, it comes with a clip art cd-rom, to use with your own personalized projects.
  • The different types of operations – attacks, formations.
  • Has many informative on – Special Forces, SAS, Marines, Green Beret, German Units that were used in the Olympics.
  • There is also a HUGE wall poster that is also included (full size) with a little bit of everything from the book.

Suffice to say, this is one book he will be referring to again and again for a long time.

DK Books


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