Heat Wave – Richard Castle

Heat WaveI am wondering how many of you have watched the ABC show Castle on television?  Last season, Richard Castle and Detective Beckett has this uncanny spark between them, that spurred Richard penning his latest book based on Beckett, which is titled Heat Wave.  Somewhat based on the other characters as well, Richard spins a web of intrigue and suspense to keep you going, along with some steamy scenes that haven’t happened on the show.  So, without further ado, here is my review.

A New York well known real estate agent falls to his death in Manhattan.  A woman narrowly escapes an altercation with her lover on the street shortly after.  How are they connected?

There isn’t really a whole lot of space in New York especially downtown Manhattan, but with a record breaking heat wave and subsequent rolling blackouts hit, murders are happening, and they need to find out who is doing them, and the reason behind it.  Really, isn’t there always a reason behind it?

Detective Nikki Heat and her reporter/writer tag along Rook comb the city for clues in the unbearable heat and humidity along with other team members (who are just as zany as on the show) to hunt down the killer or killers before they strike again.

Then of course in the background is the relationship and chemistry of Nikki and Rook.  Between the show and the book, the romance isn’t as restrained in the book as it is in the show.

I liked the book, there was some cheesy moments, but it was a well constructed work of fiction.  Similar to the show workings, if you enjoy the show, then you will definitely like the book.

HarperCollins / Hyperion

ABC – The Show Castle


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