The Twisted Heart – Rebecca Gowers

Kit, who is a graduate student in literature Twisted Heart is literally obsessed with her work is about to have a change.

She decides on a whim to go across town to go to some dancing classes she came across.  She meets Joe as she is leaving halfway through the first lesson.  She dismisses him and thinks nothing of it, but when she returns the next week she isn’t so sure, but decides to see where it goes.

Once they are more comfortable with themselves, things from their lives start to emerge.  Joe’s life is more complicated then he first admits to;  A brother who is flawed and mentally incapable of sorts, while Kit comes across an intriguing part of her research – she is researching about Dickens which will or would change her thesis.

The complications in this novel, as well as the early writings of Dickens were as if they were taken from a modern day life.  The complexities of their lives in the present, with the lives of those in the past collide to give questions and answers some have been answered and some not, how the past collides with those of the present  who are or at least Kit is questioning whether it is the right fit or not.

The real question is, are we all like this until we have hit or stride, or it is the nuance of keeping on until we get something that we think is right for us individually, and then be able to let go?

Are there always twists and turns such as the ones that Kit and Joe experience in all of our relationships that we have to navigate through.  Will it be smooth sailing to speak when we first meet and start dating a new person? or will it be complicated and the real question is the person worth it?


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