The Man Who Loved Books Too Much – Allison Hoover Bartlett

The Man Who Loved Books Too MuchIs there any thing you do to get more books? Is there anything that you would do to get them? Sell your first child? Rob a bank? Find any means possible to get the ones you wanted with ignoring the consequences until you were caught?

Well read this book, and you will learn about the one man who did exactly that, but spent time in jail for doing it.

Gilkey has stolen a fortune in rare books from around the country.  Unlike most thieves, most steal for profit; He stole for the love of the books themselves.

Obsessive? Absolutely, but the man who caught him and tracked him for years is equally obsessive; with catching  Gilkey and sending him to prison, albeit, for a short time, but he eventually got his man.

Through the stories about these two equally eccentric characters, the story is told in a humorous yet intelligent way.  She is plunged deep into the rare book scene in this fictional account of how Gilkey got away with what he did, and the man who is responsible for catching him and throwing him into jail.

I admit, I am not possibly that mad for books, but there are people who will do just about anything to get their hands on such rare species – and just about for any price they deem appropriate.

Burning Books – The fact that any ancient text – the fearsome urge to destroy or suppress books is an acknowledgement of their power and not only that of august, scientific, political, and philosophical texts, but that of small quiet books of poetry and fiction as well, which nonetheless hold great capacity to change us.

Penguin / Viking


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