What a GREAT afternoon talking about books!

Recently, I had the great opportunity of being part of a wonderful blogging tour of Cathy Marie Buchanan’s debut historical fiction novel The Day The Falls Stood Still.  Yesterday, she was at the Niagara Falls Library giving a talk about her book, the factors that made her write a book about the Niagara Falls, the characters behind it, and talked a bit about her latest work that she is working on which is based in Paris, France.  My son actually wanted to come with me as well, he said he wanted to learn more about the area, and when we made our way back home he said that he enjoyed it, he learned some neat facts, and he was glad he came along.

Here are a few pictures ….


Here is the phone chat we had with some great bloggers along with Sandra Gulland, Cathy and some others

My Q and A with Cathy

My Review of The Day The Falls Stood Still

Next up is an Author reading by Nino Ricci and his book The Origin of Species this coming Tuesday with my friend Lisa.  I’ll try to get pictures of that as well.


4 thoughts on “What a GREAT afternoon talking about books!

  1. Thanks for coming out, Marci. I videotaped an interview with Edith Hill Powell (legendary riverman William “Red” Hill’s 94-year-old daughter). I’ll be posting it on my website later in the week. Wait til you heard some of the details of her remarkable family life.

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