Hush Hush – Becca Fitzpatrick

hush hushI have to say, I keep getting more and more impressed with some of these vampire based books lately that I have had the privilege of being able to read.  I haven’t fully committed to being on the train yet that is leaving the station anytime soon, but, there is some really great writing out there.

Nora is one of those people who really don’t take chances.  She’s more of the type that plays it safe, responsible and smart to boot.

But things certainly changed when she met Patch…

She is paired with Patch in Biology class after her bff gets nailed for talking in sex Ed class, so after the football teacher changes the seating arrangement Nora has Patch sitting next to her while he’s more the back of the room type, being inconspicuous.

Every time she tries to stay away from him, she is around him – the restaurant, school, about town; she realizes there is something about him that is trouble and knows to stay away, but she can’t exactly stay away from him if he is around the same places she is right?

Weird things start to happen.  She feels as though there is someone in her house when she is all alone watching her, invading her thoughts, feeling of being followed in the mall.  Not only is she feeling uneasy of not only Patch but also of a new transfer from a private school that is interested in her – a bit too much.

Her thoughts are always on Patch.  Are her feelings real, or just a harmless teenage crush? And how far is she ready to go or how far is she ready to fall?

Here in Canada, Simon and Schuster had a sidewalk chalk artist depict the front cover of the book on the streets of Toronto during the launch

Amazing artistry isn’t it ! I was awed when I watched and viewed it come to life.

Becca’s Website

Hush Hush Book Website

Simon and Schuster

If you want to see pictures as well during the transformation of the block of sidewalk, then go to the Simon Says blog and check them out !


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