206 Bones – Kathy Reichs

reichs_kathy_coverForensic Anthropologists take what they see and what is around them in a crime scene as well as other places and interpret what happened when or who they came into contact with after the person has died.

Anything can be taken into account – things such as childhood illnesses and interpret the data to see if it is relevant to the case or not and into their deaths.

Temperance Brennan wakes in a dark, cold, musty smelling place.  Although it is the middle of winter in Montreal she is oblivious to where she is and how she had gotten there.  As her mind focuses on how she came to be there, there are cases that she has been working on that may or may not have relevance to the predicament she is in now.

As you may know Dr. Brennan from her television show, this is a different side to her you may not know about.

I love these sorts of books that keep you guessing throughout the story.  How interesting the characters they weave into the storyline to not only keep you guessing, but how intricate and complicated they can become.  From the front pages of national newspapers, to the headlines on the evening news, they keep you gripped to the book or reader wanting to know who did it and how they did it.

Kathy Reich’s is also behind the series “Bones” as a producer on television, whom they also use Brennan as well as the main character.

Temperance on T.V. and in her books have 2 different sides to them – I see her more flawed in the books as she is on the T.V. show, the detectives she is paired with are somewhat similar but in the same breath different as well where one wants to tell her his feelings for her and the other has had a relationship with her and wants to continue to do so.

Wonderful plot, writing, sequencing and definitely gives her presences to be a force to be reckoned with – not only in the book form but on the television screen as well.

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