Beyond Belfast – Will Ferguson

Bayond BelfastWill Ferguson hasn’t lost his style.  Set in Ireland his latest travel book is the background for a search for information about his grandfather and how he came to Canada from Ireland.

He decides to walk the Ulster way, which is the largest way marked trail in the British Isles.  The small towns, villages, and the incredibly beautiful breathtaking coastlines and beauty, and don’t forget the barren moorland heights, crumbling castles and everything else in between makes me want to do this journey or felt like I was tagging along for the journey not to mention the IRA pubs, the protestant marches, bogs, and the ever prominent blood sausage in a typical Irish breakfast.

I loved this book, not only the descriptions of the landscape, but the harsh realities of the history behind Ireland and how it became separated – the north from the rest of the country; the fighting that took place among the catholic’s and the protestant’s to make it the country it is today.

Not to mention the off beat humor, the run ins with the village folk had me laughing at the antics and stories, as well as Will’s infamous blistered feet that took him the whole 560 miles in search of not only the history of his grandfather, but of the culture, the landscapes, and finding out more about himself along the way.

Penguin / Viking


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