The Shimmer – David Morrell

The ShimmerOne Day, Dan Page is at work as a pilot for the police force.  He returns home one evening to find his wife not home and walking around the house some of her items are missing.  While in the kitchen, he finds a note short but sweet from his wife saying she went to her mother’s for a bit of a breather.

Feeling a bit worried, he calls his mother in law to find out she hasn’t arrived yet.  Calling airlines and such he finds out she is driving the 7 hr leg to her mothers by car.  He instantly gets more worried learning about this.

On her trail, he contacts the police in the area that he is flying into and finds that she is there in a small town that no one really knows a whole lot about, except for one thing – the lights at night.  It has been a strange phenomenon for many many years.  People come to just look at the lights, but no one really knows what or who is causing it and why people are so mesmerized by them.  People are drawn to them, excited by them; others cannot see them at all.

On the night he finds his wife, she is sitting looking at the magical power the lights have by just watching.  A man who is also there is angry and starts yelling, as he does this he starts shooting into the crowd not caring who or what he hits.  As a bus just stopped moments before, he has killed many people screaming that the lights are nothing.  There are now more questions then answers given for the lights.  No one seems to know the answers.

There used to be a military installation outside of the small town that is now deserted.  The fences and signs all say to stay away and not to enter the premises.  No one knows that there is a secret to the land and what the government doesn’t want to be known about what is there still.  Will their plan be to deny as they do from time to time, or will it be time to let the cat out of the bag so to speak, and let everyone know what it is, and how dangerous it is?

I am kind of on the fence with this book.  I liked the action and the intrigue, but felt it was a bit long winded for my taste.  The action storyline seemed to take longer them expected to take place, and them it did I wasn’t satisfied.  To be totally honest, it lagged in the parts that it should have been making me turn the pages.  For me, it just failed to keep me entertained for any amount of time.

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