Whiskey Gulf – Clyde Ford

Whiskey GulfCharlie Noble, retired from the Coast Guard is living a serene life on his boat on the waters in the Pacific Northwest.

Switching gears from working full time to retiring / investigations brings him the case of a unusual sort – a couple literally disappears off the grid on their boat near a section of water that is known as “Whiskey Gulf” where the military test fires torpedoes and other weapons.  Much advertisement is given to when these tests are being done, but in this instance they were well clear of the area, and all of a sudden just disappear off the face of the earth.
They radioed in for help, but no one was able to help them before radio contact could determine where exactly they were and how to get to them in dense fog.

As the boat club nearby wants to know what happened to their sailing friends, Charlie is asked to take a look into what he can find out, and give their friends some measure of relief in knowing any kind of information he can find.

As Charlie starts to take a look around and make inquiries he reveals a possible torpedoing to their boat, which was way off in another section of the water where they were and where the testing was taking place.  Now the Canadian and American military officials aren’t saying a word, Charlie thinks there is more to this then just a stray torpedo; He was right.
Will Charlie and his friend Raven be able to find the couple in such difficult circumstances?

In the twists and turns and absolute stop dead in your tracks adventure or terrorists, past alliances, and broken friendships, Charlie takes you the reader off on a water adventure full of descriptive narratives that will have you wanting to take a trip to the Pacific Northwest to experience the wild forests, the water, the beauty and most of all a different lifestyle that I have had the opportunity to experience when I lived in British Columbia.

It was for me a visit back to a place that I have experienced for myself and was missing it so much as I was reading the book.  I will definitely have to take a trip back out west to be able to experience it all again even if, for a short time.

Author’s Website

Vanguard Press


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