Sex, Drugs, & Gefilte Fish – Edited By Shana Liebman

9780446504621_388X586When I received the offer to read and review this book it had me intrigued.  Even the title had me wondering right away what it was all about, and I have to admit, I was laughing out loud laughing, shaking my head, and open mouth shocked at some of the stories in this collection from the Heeb Story Collection.

From scoring drugs for your uncle, to spending a New Year’s Eve with porn stars (yes, you heard me correct) it was a hilarious ride into what is to be Jewish, and the stories of living anywhere in America , and what it could have in store for you.

There are 50 stories from the downright laugh out loud laughing funny to sentimental of what it meant for these people to be “Jewish”.

Strangely unique, it had me reading story after story wondering what was next in the queue.

I loved it.

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2 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs, & Gefilte Fish – Edited By Shana Liebman

    • Well, whatever pre conceived ideas we have about jewish people is just that pre conceived. It does show you that they are people just like we are and whatever impressions we have about them or their faith should be sought out to learn more about them. I liked it it was eye opening, but at the same time funny as hell !

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