The Brightest Star in the Sky – Marian Keyes

This is the first book that I have read by Marian and I have to say, I am sitting on the fence.

Marian writes about a 4 plex townhouse at 66 star street, where there are some very eclectic characters in the mix.  The differences almost immediately discernable, yet they all come together in the end by a force that is in the stars so to speak.

Kate is the one that owns the top flat, who works as a PR representing rocks bands that are making their comebacks to the spotlight, who is turning 40 and has never been married.

There are 2 Polish men that share a flat with Lydia who are cab drivers.  Yes they share a flat, but what else will they share? Only time will tell.

Jessica is the octogenarian in the building.  She is the brains behind the whole building.  She brings into the mix her foster son who is starring in his own TV gardening show that is being recorded.  Did I mention she is also a pay per talk psychic as well?

Then there is Meave and Matt who have been married for a few years, and are happy the way they are, or at least it looks and feels that way until you dig a bit deeper into their lives.

Then there is this force of sorts that is the buildings guardian angel so to speak, who oversees everything, good and bad, feels what they feel and think in quiet ways.  St first the residents do come across this “being” that is looking over them, which makes some think they are being watched, but nothing comes of it, until the last day of the 60 that this “being” is there for and needs to make a huge decision about who and when.

I liked the way that Marian tackles some of the really tough issues of today – older parents aging and getting ill, violent acts that may take hold of a person after the fact, instead of keeping it all buried and not dealt with.

I think that if it could have been laid out differently than  adding a fantasy twist to it, but it was ok.

Penguin / Michael Joseph


2 thoughts on “The Brightest Star in the Sky – Marian Keyes

  1. It’s too bad that you didn’t love this one. I know that it wasn’t my favourite of hers so far, although I did enjoy it quite a bit! (I need to read it again, though). If you’re at all interested in reading Marian Keyes again I would strongly suggest reading her books “The Other Side of the Story” or ” This Charming Man”. I enjoyed both of those immensely!

  2. I’ve read a few of Marian Keye’s books and so far I only didn’t like one of them – “Angels”. I have to agree with Jonita, I loved “The Other Side of the Story” and my favorite is probably “Anybody Out There?” I have yet to read this one.

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