Love Your Body, Love Your Life – Sarah Maria

I was a bit sceptical about this book when I received an email for it, but alas, it had me intrigued just by the content of what may or may not be in the book.

With the advent of all of these celebrity shows that tout how slim, skinny or large one or many celebrities have become is basically 6pm news nowadays.  The images of slim people exercising, on diet plans are on every channel that you may or may not watch on a continuous basis 24/7 wanting you to buy that excercise system, go on that diet, or make you feel even worse about how your body image is against one or any people who are healthier and look like they are having way more fun then you have had in a while.  Remember those?

Love Your Body, Love Your Life will hopefully assist you to diminish or end the 5 negative body obsessions, and have you start to live happily and confidently, as well as end the self-destructive thoughts and behaviours that we all do at one time or another.  Yes, you heard me right.  We ALL do it even if we do have a healthy self-esteem.  We are human after all.

It all talks about the 5 steps to end Negative Body Obsession and to start living happily and confidently…

Throughout the book I felt and this is my opinion, it was giving me a case of negative body obsession by how many times it referred to it.  It is threaded throughout the whole book, no matter the positive things it wants you to do.  Like an addiction, that negative body obsession is lurking behind the blinds watch out ! mentality.

Yes, we all have negative images and thoughts that come to us throughout a variety of outlets – television, internet, radio, magazines, but that doesn’t mean that we have to be a size 2 like the model do we? We can be healthy, by doing what we can with what is in our control – eating healthy, controlling our portions, decreasing our junk food binges.  Getting more excercise.

Now, for me I didn’t relate to this book.  For one, the old message of Negative Body Obsession or Image was throughout the book.  I feel as thought if you want to get over the negativity of how you are feeling, the author could have just described it in one chapter and then went onto the more important aspect of the book – giving you the tools you need to overcome feeling like this.

There is quite a long list of recommended reading in the back as well for you to peruse and pick and chose at your leisure.

Author’s Website

Adam’s Media




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