The Recipe Club – Andrea Isreal and Nancy Garfunkle

Lilly and Val have been best friends since childhood.  As a way of being better friends and combining their love of cooking they came up with The Recipe Club.

As there are only 2 members, they would send letters back and forth to one another with recipes sometimes because of how the other was feeling and to lift their spirits, and to add to the mix of what was going on their lives at the time.

Once adults, a situation happened that threw them apart, then the letters and recipes stopped.  After the death of Val’s mother, the emails started again, as well as arguments from the past have come back into focus – Lilly’s father paying for Val’s education, the way he paid more attention to her then Lilly; the unknown history that both sets of parent’s had that have now come to the surface, with new and old feelings that haven’t been dealt with.

As the years went by, the girls eventually went their separate ways Val becomes a doctor, Lilly wanted to become a singer and performer, but eventually becoming a caterer.  When they start to communicate once again it is like a long-lost part of them has been stitched back together.  They love and admiration for one another back as it was before.  As they are older now, they come to the things that have spilt them apart in the first place.  With neither wanting to talk about it, it does get solved and both eventually realize that they are the ones that were somewhat taken advantage of, and with that and dealing with it; they become even better friends for the long-term.

With the recipes that are included in the book, they are quite interesting.  You can use the recipes in your own home.  For me it showed the real basis for making and keeping a friendship.  It was also the ability to reclaim the friendship that was once abandoned long ago.   The family dynamics was quite interesting, yet unorthodox as well.

The Recipe Club

The Recipe Club on ABC’s Good Morning America

This book is also being published by HarperCollins in a new edition.





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