I, Alex Cross – James Patterson

Alex is at home one night celebrating his birthday with his family when he receives a call from work, and it isn’t a good one either.

His niece Caroline has been murdered.

This sets off a Washington wide search for who killed her, and why they did it in the first place.  Alex is surprised to find out that his niece has some hidden skeletons in her closet, not in his mind that he could have ever imagined, since he hasn’t seen her in years after they moved away from the Washington area.

A high-priced escort…

As the investigation continues with all of its plot twists and turns, there have been similar murders happening not only in the past, but continue to happen as well.  That and the high society Alex goes into investigate the murders, where people have more to lose then being caught in a compromising situation – their lives and social status.

But until a cryptic call from a person that Alex doesn’t know in another state with some surprising information, they may not have revealed the killer; trust me it is a BIG one, someone you would have never imagined.

With all of the protection this killer has, you would think that they may not have ever found the killer responsible, but then again Alex Cross is on the case.

Listen to audio excerpt 1

Listen to audio excerpt 2

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