Nanny Returns – Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Nanny is back !

After marrying “Harvard Hottie” and jet setting around the world, working and enjoying the good life for the last 12 years, they have moved back to civilization – New York and bought a brownstone that needs more than a bit of TLC.

Nan is starting up her consulting business while attempting to get the house in shape for when Ryan come home from working around the world. Until, someone who in her wildest dreams she would have never thought she would have ever seen again – Grayer.

Now 16, he arrives at her door drunk and in the middle of the night.  Once again, the X’s life is in turmoil, but then again when isn’t it? and Nan feeling that she left without explaining the reason why she left to Grayer, and still after all of these years feels guilty.  But the predicament she is forced into partially by her own accord is far crazier and chaotic then it once was.  But then again, it is the X’s.. you remember them and all the outlandish things they used to do and say right? How could you not?

Mr X is always working at his own consulting / money-making firm

Mrs. X is feigning some sort of major illness, and cannot possibly attend to her younger sons private school appointment in their home.

As with the first book, filled with the antics of the X’s and the wild adventures that have them going all over the Hampton’s, all over the City, and the impossibility of Ryan wanting children, Nan is sucked into the X’s vortex again to make her think about how her life is going, does she really want children, and her own future with Ryan; and was that house buying really such a great idea? Right now she is thinking not so much.

For all of the outrageousness of the X’s, the real life questions, answers, as well as the dilemmas that Ryan and Nan are going through outweigh the negatives in my opinion.  This novel gives you thought and laughter when those times of needing “brain candy” with a glass of wine are needed.

Simon and Schuster


3 thoughts on “Nanny Returns – Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

  1. Colour me jealous!!!! I soooooo want to read this one. I’m glad that you seemed to enjoy it, though, and I have a copy on hold at the library when it finally arrives (currently it is “on order”). Thanks for the review!

  2. LOL I got it let me see….a month ago, but I had to hold off posting it because it isn’t quite out until the 15th…so now that it is read and reviewed, it is sitting on my bookshelf.

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