Lord Wraybourne’s Betrothed – Jo Beverly

Jane has just been betrothed to one of England’s most eligible bachelor Earl Wraybourne.  Both being from Rich families (Jane’s is more wealthy) she had lived a very sheltered life away from court and society in general.

When she is making the trip to London to be formally introduced to society and to her new life away from her family,  being able to spend more time with her fiance as well as the people in society.  She wonders if she is feeling more than she should, are her feelings more than she suspects? But, then again he is asking himself the same questions as he admires her in the midst of getting information about a suspect terrorizing women in the community know as “The Whisperer”.

The whisperer, has been accosting the young, single women of the area for a time now, when he approaches Jane it is an entirely different matter.  When the Earl is asked to investigate she doesn’t want to come across as being helpless, but, eventually it is known to the Earl that it very well could be a person in their circle that is doing this awful acts, but whom?

Who it is, will certainly surprise you…

As the Earl is speaking to a woman who was attacked and able to get away, Jane notices this which sends  second thoughts and feelings that she is experiencing for the Earl;  until of course when all of the facts have been revealed.

I enjoyed this book, the storyline for me had something to be able to get into and go along with the plot. I liked the fact that the characters had very interesting plotlines instead of the usual fluff and empty characterization that is found in these genre’s of books.  The other facets of thriller, romance, jealousy, and when the final act was revealed, it would be and is a perfect read.

Penguin Books


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